OTC - 

Biceps Medley - 4 rounds.

20 alt BB biceps curls 25/45
20 T2T bent rows 25/45
biceps 21's 
Rest 30 sec.

Abs Medley - 4 rounds.  

20 sec. plank hold
10 plank complex R
10 plank complex L
20 back ext.
Rest 30 sec.

Triceps Medley - 4 rounds.

10 (ea.) seated uni OH triceps ext R 10/15
10 (ea.) seated uni OH triceps ext L 10/15
10 (ea.) shoulder crushers R 10/15
10 (ea.) shoulder crushers R 10/15
20 narrow pushups
Rest 30 sec

Post Rx to comments.


Dynamic Stretching 

This is the stuff you do at GPP.  Dynamic Stretching is a stretch performed by moving through a challenging, but comfortable range of motion while performing a movement/exercise.  Dynamic Stretching requires more coordinated effort from the nervous system, musculature and energy pathways, thereby improving performance across all of these.  This makes Dynamic Stretching a more efficient and effective form of improving your functional capacity and range of motion.  By working this type of stretching into your workouts, it develops flexibility you can actually use.  


Bethany pulling some incr flexibility out of some programmed inchworms.