4 rounds for time:

42 OH triceps extension 20/35
42 alt biceps curls 15/20
42 KB swings 25/35
42 bench dips
42 Aussie pullups

Post time to comments.


If you are looking for good advice, drop your questions here to comments.  GPP veterans are some of the most knowledgeable fitness people anywhere.  There would be few people on earth who would be as well qualified to give tips on one of our workouts.  Here is an example from Judy in response to a question on the best way for beginners to approach an AHAP lift:

"If you have never done a lift (any lift), don't worry about AHAP--go light and work on the form of the lift. Once you have the form down, then start adding weight to it. But the form is more important than the weight, especially if you don't have a trainer keeping an eye on you or helping you with form."

Spot on (as always) Judy!  Thanks.  


VERY excited to have these.  Stability balls will add a whole new dimension to our unique workouts.  Special thanks to Curtis Jolley from Performance West Physical Therapy for the hook up.  Expect your first workout "on the Ball" early next week.