For time:

100 manimals (see photos below) 25/45

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"Just wanted to share that GPP really works in all aspects of our life. In the past when I shoveled snow,especially the heavy wet stuff, I would hurt my lower back. NOT THIS WINTER! After 6 months of GPP my core was strong enough to work out with the snow instead of hurting. Thank you!!" - Karen Petersen Lafevre


To complete a "manimal" complete the following sequence:

Begin by dropping your weight on the floor 25/45


Perform the beginning phase of a burpee ON the weight


On the "UP" phase of the burpee, loft the weight above your head


From this position, keep the weight lofted and perform a walking lunge step with each leg.


Upon completion of the lunge steps, throw the weight to the ground, jump over it, turn around and start over.  That's ONCE!