5 rounds OTC -

30 pass through lunges (R+L=2) 15/20
15 four stop burpees
15 high windmills R 15/20
15 high windmills L 15/20

Post Rx to comments.


We catch a lot of heat from folks outside of our community about how we do our burpees (Read the comments under Lil Kate’s outstanding burpee performance HERE).  Apparently, in some people’s minds there is only ONE true way to do a burpee.  This mindset is hard to fathom.  Our experience tells us that this mindset is rooted in a couple of strange mentalities.  Both merit discussion. 

1 – My Exercise is Harder/Better than Yours
Some folks believe that the only exercise of value is the HARDEST exercise possible.  Folks living in this world (my exercise is better, or harder than yours) become very caught up in themselves.  Their purposes are less about earning results and more about “being better, or smarter than the rest of us.”  What they fail to realize is that this mentality is less of a commentary on a given exercise (and it’s benefits) and more of an expression of weak personal character. 

2 – The Movements Will Bless Me
Some folks mistakenly think that results only come to those who please the “Exercise Gods.”  They misunderstand the purpose behind good form (Safety, Efficiency).  They believe instead, that there is a higher power watching over their movements.  That unless they perform movements “just so” they will not be blessed with results.  The thing is, results are achieved only through a combination of good form AND effort.  If ALL of your effort is put into one, or the other of these – you’ll get neither.  We call this “The Protocol of Magic.”   

Very few things are more helpful than a well placed piece of advice.  It can change certain aspects of your life but, only when it is given with the purest of intentions.  Advice given out of dominance, selfishness, or by blind faith in the oblivion is rarely, if ever helpful. 

BTW – In case you are wondering … There are LOTS of ways to do burpees (click HERE).    All have their place.  All have value.  All are worthy of consideration. 


GPP North West Arkansas has it’s first staff meeting (Kevin, Chip, Mark, Patty Becca & Kim!  Their place is going to ROCK!  Congrats GPPNWA!