4 rounds for time:

300 rope jumps
250 m row
20 bench dips
20 pushups (strict)
20 OH DB push press 15/20 ea.

Post time to comments.  


What an amazing year we've all had together.  Amazing.  

Our community has seen unprecedented growth and change.  Mainly through our collective health.  But, it has changed in many other ways too.  Through this VERY little website, folks from all over the world have tuned into our methodology, mainly because they've seen what you are accomplishing daily with your health.  They are amazed by your progress, passion and commitment.  They see the OUTSTANDING changes you have made to your life and it gives them hope.  This hope gives them courage and inspires them to take all the steps necessary (the ones you've taken) to become healthy also.  As these folks begin seeing positive, lasting changes they, in turn, are passing our unique ways on to the next person.  One by one, a new GPPeep (focused on ONLY that which is important about exercise and nutrition - HEALTH) is added to the collective.  

And slowly we all move forward a step.

We wanted to share our website numbers from the last year (below) to let you see the far reaching impact of our combined efforts.  To congratulate you on being such fine examples of Optimal Health.  To thank you. 

Putting it all into perspective, these numbers are PEANUTS compared to others in our industry.  We know this.  But, they are way higher than we ever expected.  Especially since we do virtually EVERYTHING wrong when it comes to running a website (no SEO, no marketing, no site survey, no networking - nothing).  

So, again - Thank you.  Thank you for being such a powerful influence for health, not only to yourself, but to those around you (known and unknown).   Thank you for believing in GPP and sharing it with others.

Sort of makes you wonder ... how far we can take this? 


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