Warm up:

30 sec plate switches
30 sec rest
60 sec plate switches
60 sec rest
90 sec plate switches
90 sec rest
120 sec plate switches

Workout:  (OH pyramids) 10-8-6-6-8-10 reps per set of:

OH BB press (strict) AHAP
rest 2 min between ea.  

Post weight used per set to comments.


To get the most out of the "press" portion of this workout, be sure not to use your body (hips, knees, ankles) for an assist.  This movement is to be done strictly.  Move the bar using only the muscles of the shoulder girdle and arms.  

If you can't perform all of the reps which are called for in one go, lighten your load and form up.  


Anonymous (standing 10 ft away): "I wish I could remember the steps to some of these moves."   :)