Begin with 2 reps.  Add 2 reps per minute for as long as you are able.  Once you max out, take a minute off and then go back down the hill.  Begin with the number you maxed out at and subtract 2 reps per minute until you you have completed your final 2 reps.  Exercise is:

DB floor to OH 15/20 ea.

Post highest round completed and how far back down the hill you came.  Those who complete the last 2 reps in sequence receive the Rx.


It is extremely important that you be careful to stay in neutral spine position today throughout this movement.  

Today's workout (like many GPP workouts) is a "Soul Crusher."  When we do these types of workouts it is tempting to just push your body to it's outer limits.  This is FINE and there can be much benefit in doing this - AS LONG AS YOU STAY SAFE!  

Sometimes as we push and push to overcome the extreme challenges of a workout, we momentarily lose focus and forget to exhibit great form within our movements (yep, guilty).  Often we get lucky and get away with it.  Problem is, we WON'T for very long.  If you are doing movements with poor form, the question is not IF you'll get hurt ...

First point of focus today is NEUTRAL SPINE.  

Be sure to get the most benefit from today's workout, by being able to come back for tomorrow's.  


It's the thought that counts.