2 min run 
2 min run w/ OH extension carry 10/25
2 min run 
2 min run w/ curl carry 10/25
2 min run 
2 min run w/ R side bucket carry 10/25
2 min run 
2 min run w/ L side bucket carry 10/25
2 min run 

Post number of stops to comments.
Rx awarded to those who do not break runs or carries.


How to do the workout "LEMON"


It's tempting to leave out the "run" portion of the weighted carrys in the "Lemon" workout.  This is a big mistake.  Running while weighted (in the positions above) yields a very unique effect on your core.  It lends itself to more shaping and strengthening than walking it will.   

To get the most out of this workout, run every step you are capable of. 


"Is it absolutely necessary to decrease volume of our GPP workouts while doing the Shaping Bias?  Why?"

It is critical that you decrease regular GPP workouts by 30%.  Remember, the point of doing the shaping bias is to add lean body mass.  

Bodybuilders know that one of the secrets to adding LBM is to ensure they are operating in an anabolic state.  Most will avoid ANY HR spike to keep from secreting catabolic hormones/enzymes.  It is one of the reasons bodybuilding workouts take 1 1/2 - 2 hours to complete such a small amount of work.  They (bodybuilders) are trying desperately to keep their heart rates down.

GPP shaping bias is most effective when we limit exposure to catabolism.  Catabolism is minimized when we keep our workouts a bit shorter.  

Now the thing is, we realize that GPP is important to Optimal Health.  So we participate in it.  To great affect.  And this requires HR spike.  But, to stimulate extra shaping, sculpting and growth (mostly guys here), we have to walk a fine line between sacrificing GPP and sacrificing muscular gains.

We've learned that by only shorting our GPP workouts by 30% we still receive most of the benefits of GPP training while also accumulating max benefits of the shaping bias.  We do this realizing that there is a trade off.  If we try to do ALL of one (GPP), or the other (Shaping Bias) we are likely to gain the benefits of neither.

Also, the Shaping Bias requires a profusion of focus on your part.  Performing ONLY 5 work sets leaves very little room for mistakes, or loss of focus.  Think about it.  If you were to slack off on even 1 set, you can expect to see a 20% decrease in progress.  NOT ACCEPTABLE, right?  If you go into the shaping bias devastated from one of our classic GPP soul crushers, you are likely to see only limited progress with your Shaping Bias.  Therefore you must decrease some of the volume of the GPP daily workout (DW) to leave energy for your Shaping Bias.

What we have learned is, if done right, the Shaping Bias makes up for the 30% you skimmed from your GPP.

Looking for some added shaping and sculpting to combine with your GPP?  Maybe some size, too (gents this mainly applies to you - sorry ladies it just isn't designed to put bulk on you like it will the guys)?  Click HERE and get started today.


Do your vitamin and mineral supplements work for you?  Troy will be on hand scanning all day tomorrow.  Plan on taking 2-3 mins to get scanned if you like. 


Earn Your Turkey.jpg

Debbie gets a jump on the "Winter Lemons" workout by entering the "Earn Your Turkey Race" in Orem Utah.  Strong work Deb!

"I picked up the 15 lb turkey about 2 1/2 miles in - so, I got a good bucket carry workout for 1 1/2 miles!"