4 rounds on trainer's count.

20 cross body curls L 15/20
20 single high sumos L 15/20
20 single triceps kickbacks L 15/20
20 cross body curls R 15/20
20 single high sumos R 15/20
20 single triceps kickbacks R 15/20
20 wipers

Post Rx (or reps missed) to comments.


It is cool to put a bunch of body English into your single arm exercises today.  After all, the point of today's workout is to stimulate core involvement.

Here is the thing though - this is a popular workout.  Today marks the 4th time we've completed "Wiped" this year (Seems like a lot?  Ha, it's funny.  I remember a time, not that long ago, when it wasn't uncommon to do the same workout 8 times in a month ... ).  If you've completed "Wiped" every time it's come up this year, we have a NEW challenge for you.  This challenge is for VETERANS ONLY!  Rookies please continue with the workout as is written for max benefits.  Veterans ...

Don't move your body today.

Not a smidgeon.  See if you can do it.  Doing so turns this workout into more of an arm crusher, but it'll tax your core more, in certain ways, that are unfamiliar to you.  It won't do this for the rookies.  The rookies aren't accustomed to this workout yet.  You really aren't either.  Not in just 4 workouts, but if you've been with us for 4 of these workouts, you've been with us for about a year.  This means you've been swinging your body around - a bunch!  Not just with this workout.  Your body knows the challenges involved with engaging the core while performing a biceps curls and etc.  You'll be throwing yourself a major curve by NOT swinging it today.  ROUGH! 

Couple of things if you choose to do this:  

1 - This isn't a permanent thing.  Try this for today only.  You are trying to see if you can notice and stimulate your core on the same level as usual by NOT moving it.  It can be done, but you'll have to focus. 

Usually there is more health in swinging your body around naturally.  Putting English on your biceps curls (and etc.) is a very deliberate thing we do at GPP when called for.  It has a multiple healthy effects and looks very good on.  

2 - You might need a lighter weight for your workout.  Not jumping those high Sumos will be killer.  Only thing worse will be not rolling-on those kick backs. 

We'll be very interested to hear your thoughts on the intricate differences in the feel of a swinging biceps curl vs. a stabilized biceps.



This is one of those all abs workouts that is unique to GPP programming.  It's confusing to outsiders because they see the biceps, triceps and etc., and think upper body shaping.  Well, it IS a good shaper, but that isn't the intention.  Whenever you see workouts where we go unilateral (one sided) we are generally, seeking the effect that it has on your core.  

A strong core is essential to your health and development.   It is primarily responsible for the astounding results we see in strength gains and overall fitness at GPP.  We have observed that GPP training prevents injury and advances healing for those with a weak core.  It also looks good on!  

While the rest of the world has moved passed specifically training the core, GPP still embraces focused emphasis on core training for its unique effect on our health, fitness and appearance. The popular present day mantra of the health and fitness industry is that one need only to move in effective ways and the core will take care of and strengthen itself.  This is a risky approach.  We have learned that strength gains in the legs and arms will quickly outstrip one's core strength.  This is especially true for those who don't directly train their core.  This compromises your ability to stabilize the core during certain fundamental movement (squats, dead lifts, cleans, jerks, high Sums, KBs, etc.) making those fundamental movements more dangerous to perform and putting you at higher risk of injury. 

We feel a more straight forward (direct) approach of abdominal/core training stimulates more strength and ultimately yeilds higher benefit with less risk of injury.  Oh, and did we mention - It looks good ON?!   



"Pie Burn" in the GG @ GPP OK