Warm-up -

5 min run @ 70% of max capacity (OR 5 min high knee band sprints)

Workout -

Complete 3 sets of each. 
Progress through workout in any order.  Rest, at least, 90 sec if same set stacking.  Rest more if needed. 

15 toes to bar leg raises
3 minute sit squats (hip mobility stretch)
10 Turkish KB get-ups  (R+L=1) 25/35

Post longest strings of consecutive reps and minutes (of holds) to comments.


If you have a KB, use it for the TGUs today.  Using a KB forces the intricate musculature of shoulder joint to stabilize the imbalanced nature of this movement.  If you are entirely unfamiliar with KBs err on the side of too light.  

Note the joint angles of the video demo.  Never do the knees, or elbows become compromised by narrowing below a 90 degree angle while weighted.  Also, note how she used 2 hands to help bring the KB into position from the ground and then back.  These are all important points for preventing injury.


Doing 3 minutes of sit squat mobility stretches is a VERY long time to sit in that position.  Most of us will have to use several break sets per attempt.  Only time spent in perfect position should be counted toward accumulating your 3 min.  Form is key for increasing hip mobility and flexibility.  The better form you use the better your squats will become.  


GPP does lighter TGUs with higher reps.  We find them more beneficial to our core, which is more directly related to our purposes of Optimal Health.  The downside of this on TGU day, however is floor rash.  You might find it beneficial to wear long sleeves and pants for your workout today as heavy implements are rarely allowed on the mat. 


If you struggle going toes to bar, simply hang from a bar and lift your knees as high as you are able with your knees bent.  There is much strength to be gained in simply lifting your knees as high as you can.  At first, you may only get your knees as high as your navel.  Later to your shoulders.  Soon, you'll be kicking that bar above your head.  If not, cool.  Just do what you can.  Some of you may need to start by doing pikes while seated.  It all counts.  



Kelly got hers on one of her first tries!