Every minute on the minute for 20 minutes complete:

6 busters 15/20 ea.

Post reps completed to comments.


Classic "Rough Boy" workout here.  Hang onto your shorts. 

Be careful with your back today.  Sometimes when the going gets extra rough (like today toward round 17) we lose a little focus on form.  It's understandable, but unwise.  As you come out of that burpee and begin to heave the weights, take just a small pause to reset your spine.  If you do, you should be just fine. 

Some of you get a little backache with burpees anyway.  It is the nature of the move for some.  Doubling that up with a lift from the floor could be cause for a bit more worry.  So, if you are prone to back pain (even if you're not) , take this move a bit slower than usual burpee speed.  And form up that spine when pulling from the ground.  It'll keep you healthier. 


Masters class times have changed - Tuesday and Thursday are now 6:30 pm, Saturday is 9:30 am.



Wondering what we've got planned for a New Year's Challenge?  The hint is being provided courtesy of the GPP Snowshoeing club.  Details are forthcoming.