Perform 8 rounds of 20 seconds work followed immediately by 10 seconds rest for each of the following exercises.  Complete all 8 rounds before moving to the next exercise.  Exercises are:

ab bridge jacks
anchored stab situps
high windmills 15/20 (4 rounds R - 4 rounds L)
T2T Superman back ext. (must hold top position through 10 sec "rest")

Post reps completed to comments. 

Most of the time T2T superman back extensions are done slowly on trainer's count.  Not TODAY.  Today, do as many full ROM extensions you can in the 20 sec "work" period.  During the "rest" period, hold the UP (extended) position until the clock beeps to go again.  If you must break a set, try to take the break during the 20 sec "work" phase.  If you can, try hard to hold the UP position all the way through the 10 sec "rest."  


OK.  It's over now. Time to throw it all out. The junk.

It isn't serving you and it's time to get back on track.

Sure, it's the day after Christmas. Sure, you've worked out all year and can probably afford a day, or two off. But know this, December 26th can be a BLACK HOLE. It can begin a SUCK of epic proportions. This "SUCK" rarely ends with one simple day (week, month) off. You wouldn't be the first person to take Dec 26th off only to return in April (if ever), haggard, out of shape and up 20 lbs.   

We challenge you to start TODAY. Give yourself the advantage of momentum to apply to your healthy New Years goals. We challenge you to:

  • Start hitting the workouts again with a regularity.
  • Clean up your diet and begin eating natural foods again.
  • Get back to your caloric limits.
  • Set goals for the coming New Year.
  • Establish a baseline for achieving goals (get measured and weighed).

To get ahead, begin thinking ahead. What do you want to do with your health in the New Year? What would you like to gain in terms of health and fitness? How specifically will you accomplish it all? What will be your starting points, your middle points and ending points? In other words, how will you know you are making progress?  

Please post thoughts to comments.



Thanks Fullers!