30 deadlifts 95/135
100 stab crunches
30 power cleans 65/95
100 v-ups
30 OH BB press 35/65
100 box jumps
30 pullups
100 press jacks 15/20 ea.

Post weights, scale & progression to comments.


You are not on the clock today, but stay busy. 

It is usually a better idea to slow up and concentrate on form vs. going hard at the clock when you are performing heavy deadlifts and power cleans back to back.  That being said, there are exceptions to every rule.  By the way, "heavy" is a relative term here.  Some of you will want/need to go heavier.  If the recommended weights above are well within your wheel house - don't be shy to step up a little.

We anticipate you'll do this workout in couplets.  From a 30 set to a 100.  

You may not partition.  Once you've started an exercise, break-set if you need, but do not go to another exercise until you are finished with the one you have started.  

It is not entirely necessary to work straight through as written as long as you are following directions from above.

You'll need to watch your low backs today.  Concentrate on keeping a perfect inward curve (neutral spine) to your low back while doing deadlifts and power cleans.  Don't lose focus once you get tired.

Grip strength will also become an issue if you don't space out some pull centric lifts with some push centric lifts.  So, keep that in mind also.   



We've had Kate doing these hamstring developers for 6 weeks, or so with the Stage 1 Shaping Bias.  Fun stuff.  Amazing difference in her body.  She loves it, too.  Haha - I'll bet I haven't taught anyone this move for 15 years.