8 rounds of Tabata up-downs

Then, 5 rounds on trainer's count.

20 weighted situps 15/20 (put DB on collar bones)
20 T2T seated db OH press 15/20
20 sec. 6 inches straight leg hold
10 T2T single arm seated DB OH press (R)) 15/20
20 V-ups
10 T2T single arm seated DB OH press (L) 15/20

Then, 8 more rounds of Tabata up-downs.

Post Rx, or alt to comments. 


How to do Tabata up-downs?

Set a clock for a regular 8 round (4 mins) tabata session.  On "GO!" perform a burpee.  Upon landing on your feet from the jump of your first burpee, run in place until you hear the next beep.  Perform a burpee every time you hear a beep.  Run vigorously in place in between.  High knees please!  This is a very different workout for those who simply dog it, vs those who really get after it. 


In our area (HQ - Centerville, Ut.) a gym war has erupted.  2 new big box gyms have sprung up over the last month.  They are big gyms. Over 20,000 sq. ft. each.  This is in addition to a market already saturated with fitness centers.  At last count, there were 8 (not counting the little places like Curve's) fitness centers within a 15 minute drive of GPP HQ.  4 of these are bigger than 40,000 square feet!  3 of them are bigger than 80,000. 

With a population of roughly 75,000 people in our surrounding area, it has created a very fierce competition for your fitness dollar. 

Marketing has been ferocious.  There hasn't been a day go by in the last 3 months where I haven't received a mailer for a discounted gym membership to one place, or another.  Everywhere you look, there are signs and billboards hawking deals - especially this time of year.

The discounts are tremendous.  I have never witnessed gym memberships selling for so little.  20 years ago, it wasn't uncommon to pay $35-70/mo (plus $100 down) to join the local fitness center.  Now, it's $1 down and $10/mo.  

It's still too expensive.  And, to me, offensive.  

Ever consider the REASON fitness centers are only charging $10/mo now?  It's because even $10 is more than it's worth.  Over the last 30 years, the fitness consumer (you and me) have caught on to the scam.

Scam?  Isn't that a little harsh?  

Well, let's look at it objectively.  Who are considered "ideal customers" by the local big box gym?  Isn't it the guy who signs onto a monthly recurring (don't say contract) billing cycle, then goes away - NEVER EVER to return?  Isn't their very business plan fashioned around this occurrence?

Objectively you'd have to say "yes."  Wouldn't you?  Especially after you consider the costs.  As a clear matter of fact, you cost them money every time you step into their facility.  When you show up, they have to staff for you ($), they have to clean up after you ($), they have to keep the place (and pools) rented, lit, warm & cool ($$$).  You also cause wear and tear on the place ($) when you show up and use it.  With the average price of a single commercial treadmill hovering around $10k (they have 25 of them) how far do you suppose your $10 will stretch?  

No ma'am.  After you sign up for your recurring payments, they have no intention of you ever coming back.  They can't have you back.  If everyone shows up every day, they'll go broke.   

I worked for 6 years at the largest gym in our area.  I was privy to their numbers.  I saw with my own eyes that they had, at one point, over 14,000 members.  I'd like to detail the fact that this huge 40,000 sq. ft. gym only had 2 sets of 20 lb DBs in the entire facility.  I'm just guessing (based on experience) that if all 14,000 members showed up EVERY single day - they'd need a few more 20s than that.  By contrast, GPP has 14 sets of 20s.  We have around 300 members.  

I ask you - Which of these facilities INTENDS for their clients to come back, get fit & prosper physically?  

If the local big box gym, or rec center intended for you to gain even a modicum of fitness or health, why haven't they provided programs to facilitate this?  Where is their website with a daily workout proven to help folks?  Where is their working health and fitness philosophy by which they built their gym around?  Where is their community of veterans aiding and adding (by example and otherwise) to the success of all who enter therein?

They'd never provide this.  They can't.  If they do, you'll come back.  If you come back, you'll bring friends.  If you bring friends, they'll bring friends.  Eventually the place will become over-crowded and it's just a matter of time before, either the fire marshal shuts the place down, or the place goes broke trying to facilitate all those people at $10/mo. 

See why I call it a scam?

The thing to know is, if they ever were able to truly facilitate all those members, you can be sure it would cost several times per person more than what GPP currently charges.  We use the garage gym concept so as to keep the price down.  Add several million dollars of equipment, granite and staffing to that, and the memberships would get expensive fast.   

GPP is personally offended that these facilities exist for no other reason than to take your money and let you down.  We wish, instead, that these places would offer what they are selling.  Health.  Instead, they contribute to your troubles by heaping complication on top of your difficulties of becoming healthy and fit.   

$1 down and $10/mo seems like a fairly low price to pay for non-fulfillment of your health and fitness goals - but is it?  Ryan N. asked it best this morning.  He asked, 

"How much is your health and fitness really worth?"    

At GPP, we believe that even $10 is too much to pay for nothing. 


Jimmy (GPP NWA) takes the Monster Complex up a couple of notches.  Impressive.  Not nearly as impressive as his transformation and success.  I'll get his permission (hopefully), and share it with you soon.