Row 1000m (or 5 min jump rope)


5 sets of 5 reps both exercises.  You may superset with triceps, but not Aussies to rows. 

bent row (heavy)
hanging overhand Aussies (slowly)


5 sets of 10 reps of:

OH DB triceps press (heavy)

Post weights to comments


You might be looking at those hanging Aussies and thinking, "Cool, I can do several dozen of those without a break.  Today will be easy." 

If this is so - slow them WAY DOWN and form them up (NO HIPS FOR YOU!) There should be NOTHING easy about 5 set of HAs.  Perform the reps at a speed that you would only be ABLE to do 5 of.  Even if you find you are dabbling in the world of Super Slow, there will be benefit in it.  Super Slow training can help you to break plateaus and increase areas of strength throughout your normal ROM. 

Also, notice the "overhand" request in the Aussies.  Gripping with palms "away" puts more focus on the muscles at the rear of the torso.  When you complete this move with palms "toward" you, you give the biceps a more direct line of pull.  This muscle on the front of the upper arm gives the muscles at the rear of the torso (back muscles) an assist during pulling movements.  Since we are primarily targeting the muscles of the back today, we want to take the muscles of the arm out of the equation as much as possible.  We'll do this more by using an overhand grip. 

Then again, if you are having a hard time stringing together 5 of them - consider using an underhand grip! 



Ann demos how to know if you are doing your lunges deep enough.