Complete 2 rounds for time.

800 m run
35 floor to OH DB 15/20 ea.
400 m run
25 floor to OH DB 15/20 ea.
200 m run
15 floor to OH DB 15/20 ea.

Post time to comments.


Floor to OH DB is not a snatch.  DBs must touch the shoulders on the way by.  Doing this requires more input of the arms and shoulders. 

You do not necessarily have to perform this workout in straight-up rounds.  You are free to do the two 800s back to back if you wish, or you may do an 800 followed by a 200, or ... whatever you think will get through the workout quickest.  You may do this only as long as you finish each run with it's accompanying F2OH rep scheme.


GPP HQ will be holding our annual "Turkey & Pie Obliteration" workout on Thanksgiving morning.  Workout starts at 8am.  Will last about an hour (maybe a smidge past).  

Sometimes we have quite a few folk join us to pre-burn their Thanksgiving feast.  With what we have planned this year, we worry about not having enough equipment.  If you have a 15/20 lb DB please bring it with you.  You'll only need one.  Oh, and if you have extra - bring it for someone.  


GPP OHC "Skin in the Game Challenge" ends this TODAY!  We've seen amazing progress.  Just amazing.  For example: Brandy claimed to be stuck - for ages, but she used this challenge to get back on track. 

"Did final weigh in for OHC challenge today and rocked the scale! I'm down over 8 lbs which was my goal! ~Happy dance~"

Please come by and get your results today, if you haven't already.  Don't forget to grab your checks.  For those off-site - we'll mail them to you.  Congrats all!



Judy demos a perfect alt for hanging Aussies!