Complete 3 rounds:

20 uni lunge presses R 15/20
20 uni lunge presses L 15/20 
20 uni lunge curls R 15/20
20 uni lunge curls L 15/20
20 uni lunge curl & press 15/20
20 uni lunge curl & press 15/20
250 m row (200m run, 150 rope jumps)

Post Rx or scale to comments


We hit a little lunging last week and everyone reported (in person and in blog comments) their backsides were fairly sore.  This tells us we need to bring lunging up a little more often. 

This is one of the unique benefits of programming on a daily basis like GPP does.  Before we program a workout we always go back and read comments.  Comments help us to understand where everyone is, generally.  We read every comment - every day.  We are grateful to you for them.  Your willingness to do this contributes to the collective health of this community in ways that other programs can only dream of.  

Back to lunges ...

Backside soreness is one of the distinct benefits of lunging.  If you take long steps (we suggest veterans do) you'll get more benefit from them.  

Long steps deliver more tension (read: incr'd fitness) to your hamstrings and back side.  They also help to keep your knees squared.  Stepping your knee forward of the toes, decreasing the angle of the joint with every lunge may eventually (if done often enough) lead to knee trouble.  If you already have knee trouble, you know this.  Longer steps will help to ensure proper form and effectiveness with lunges.    


Have you been seeing all the extra activity at the gym lately?  We've been testing our Shaping Bias protocol.  Results have been astounding. 

One of the great things about GPP is our versatility.  Our programming simply isn't limited in ways that other programs are. 

While standard GPP protocol may be all you'd ever need for achieving Optimal Health, you may want other benefits which might suit your needs/interests.  For example, maybe you'd like the benefits of increasing your lean muscle mass.  You might want this for health reasons.  You might just enjoy the look.  Both reasons are valid.  

Before now, to effectively and efficiently increase lean muscle mass, it was assumed you'd have to participate exclusively in body-building protocol.  This is a problem, because many have come to realize the increased benefits of having a broader fitness base (GPP!) than body-building alone can provide.  Many have wished for a way to combine them.  

We've done it. 

We present to you the GPP Shaping Bias Protocol.  Meant to help you gain lean muscle mass in addition to the full function fitness of GPP.  We offer this at a reduced price while we complete the video demos. 

In the future, we plan to integrate GPP with many other training methods.  We have already made incredible progress integrating GPP with endurance pursuits.  Our friends in Arkansas (GPP NWA) are revolutionizing how people train for triathlon, marathons, biking and etc.  Their success has also been astounding - just unbelievable.  We also have folks working on combining GPP with the stress reducing benefits of Yoga and etc.  We are excited to roll these out to you over the coming weeks, months and years.  

GPP is truly multidimensional.  Using our unique protocol as the base, we are continually discovering ways to shape an efficient and effective experience of health around your needs and desires.  So that you don't worry - we are only willing to do this in ways that do not compromise, or dilute our edict of seeking "Optimal Health."    



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