Complete the following precisely as written from the top. 


20 band twist punches R med/heavy 
20 band twist punches L med/heavy 
20 band high elbows R med/heavy 
20 band high elbows L med/heavy 
20 situps
Repeat 1x

10 min Jones'n chipper - (capped at 10 min)

40 squats 
40 lunge steps (R+L =1)
40 OH db presses 15/20 
40 Aussie pullups
40 KB high sumo 35/54
40 triceps narrow pushups
40 back ext
40 tick tocks 25/35 (20 per side)
40 DB biceps curls 15/20
40 KB swings 25/35


20 v-ups
20 T2T side ups R
20 T2T side ups L
20 T2T superman back ext
20 T2T crunches
Repeat 1x from v-ups.

Post Rx or alts. for the abs + how far you were able to progress through the chipper to comments. 


Looks like a lot on your plate today.  It's not bad.  Maybe a little - ha!.  We'll have to rush to get this done in our allotted 40 min.  

This workout combines 2 GPP classics into one. 

The OTC stuff ("Abs Mash - minus burp") is to be done on a steady count.  You'll get more out of these exercises if you concentrate on completing each movement to it's fullest iteration.  

Your abdominals are cool.  They create movement of the trunk (in varying degrees) throughout every range of motion.  Our workout "Abs Mash" has the unique ability to strengthen you and create function throughout every movement your abdominals are capable of.  This is great for your health, plus IT LOOKS GOOD ON!

The "Jones'n" part of this workout will have a time cap of 10 min.  Not everyone will be able to chip their way through all 10 exercises in the time allotted.  Maybe someday ..., but for now, be sure you record how far you were able to get.  We are likely to take another run at this 10 min "Jones'n" cap - sooner than later. 

It will be tempting to "cherry pick" the movements you like best today.  DON'T.  Run through it from the top in order to stay with the programming for this week.  Our programming runs congruently.  What you'll do tomorrow, is because of what you did today, and the day before, and etc.  We expect that you might not get through all of the movements.  Therefore the ones you DO get through are important.  Did you notice we moved the KBs from how they appear in a "normal" Jones'n? (Aussies were moved to prevent bottlenecking).  


At GPP we are very fortunate to have extremely talented health expert/professionals storming along side of us daily.  

It is impressive to witness experts/professionals who are products of their own product. 

Today, after his workout, I was picking Curtis Jolley's (PT, MOMT) mind for more ideas on how to keep our shoulders healthy at GPP.  He was gracious enough (as always) to share some cool stretching and strengthening tips.  I got most of it recorded (below).  Thank you, Curtis. 


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