Warm up with several light sets of each of the movements below. 


5 rounds.  (Move quickly between exercises.  Focus on form.): 

10-12 front squats AHAP
10-12  OH DB press (strict) AHAP
7 biceps 21s AHAP
20 box jumps

Post weights used to comments. 


You are going for the "burn" today.  An intense "burning" sensation deep within the muscle belly of muscles you are targeting (today it's quads/glutes, deltoids & biceps) is a good indicator of shaping success.  To get an intense burn (rookies be careful) you'll need to slow down and isolate the movement while completely eliminating momentum.  Try your hardest to keep tension on the muscle you are targeting at all times.  

You should know your AHAPs.  Workouts like these are temperamental.  Unless you are working out with the right weight, you'll get very little out of this.  If the weight you are using is too light, or heavy you won't get the desired benefits.  We suggest keeping meticulous track of your progress by posting results to comments.  This will help you find a starting point for next time.  It will also help you gauge your progress. 


Day 1 of the OHC "Skin in the Game" challengeBe perfect today.  It will take some momentum to propel you to your goals.  You NEED a good start.  Good luck!