Every 1/2 minute for 20 minutes, alternate between the following exercises.

10 BB bent row 45/65
thrusters 45/65

Post Rx, or reps missed to comments.


Day one of OHC starts Monday.  Had to share this by way of motivation. -NA

Hello GPPeeps,

I've been following the program from San Francisco Bay Area for ten months and wanted to share some pictures of recent success. When we were setting SMART goals for one of the weekly challenges several weeks back, my goal was to go on BCD for the month of September. Now that I accomplished that goal, I'd like to share what four weeks of BCD + GPP looks like.


Yana Gektin


Only 4 weeks and - more defined shoulders, arms and back, smaller waist, more toned hips, lifted backside and smaller legs.  OUTSTANDING.  The results are subtle (Yana looked great to begin with), but you can definitely see the changes.  Thank you for documenting this Yana!