OTC - 

Biceps Medley - 4 rounds.

20 alt BB biceps curls 25/45
20 T2T bent rows 25/45
biceps 21's 
Rest 30 sec.

Abs Medley - 4 rounds.  

20 sec. plank hold
10 plank complex R
10 plank complex L
20 back ext.
Rest 30 sec.

Triceps Medley - 4 rounds.

10 (ea.) seated uni OH triceps ext R 10/15
10 (ea.) seated uni OH triceps ext L 10/15
10 (ea.) shoulder crushers R 10/15
10 (ea.) shoulder crushers R 10/15
20 narrow pushups
Rest 30 sec

Post Rx to comments.


GPP will NOT be holding the 5:45p, 6:30p, or 7:15p Masters workouts tonight.  The 5:00p is still ON! 


B.A.T. (Biceps, Abs, Triceps) - is a unique workout.  It is a Halloween tradition.  Mainly because it sounds very Halloweeny (seems like a word).  We have others which sound somewhat Halloweeny (like, Specter, or Three Bars of Death, Hells Bells, well .., ALL of them), but usually we don't have the heart to pull a "Specter" on you on a day when you get all dressed up, want to mostly avoid sweating and need your energy til late at night.   Not that BAT won't make you sweat - it will.  It can make you sore as hell, too, so be careful! 

Another remarkable thing about BAT is the effect it has on strengthening your core.  Our alt. BB biceps curls (a move unique to GPP) put tension on your core from angles which are not simulated with regular abdominal exercises.  This happens much like the stimulus you put on your core through the rigors and recreations of life.  Abdominals don't make a lot of broad stroke movements in natural movement.  Mostly they stabilize your trunk and transfer energy between the ground and whatever you are working on.  We think working abs in the gym like you use them in life pays dividends to your health and fitness. 


There is a MANDATORY 1 trillion burpee penalty for not wearing a costume to workout today.  Also, we'll take pics of your costumes and post them to our facebook and instagram feeds.  The pic with the most "likes" wins a "Burpees Hate You Too" t-shirt.  If you are off-site and you post a pic - we'll ship the shirt (if you win).   



Now that is quite the contrast, isn't it?  Erin (Hooter's Girl) Nick (Reverend).