Warm up:

800 m run
100 situps 

Complete 5 supersets of:

4 weighted chins AHAP
20 alt. DB biceps curls 15/20 ea.  (conditioning style R+L=1)

Post weights used for chins to comments. 


Progressing to a Chinup 


Chinups are best performed with palms facing you.  Turning the palms toward you recruits more involvement from the biceps producing more over-all strength and development of the upper arms and torso.  It'll also help keep your elbows healthier.   


Weighted pullups can be dangerous!  Almost every time we've done this movement someone messes up an ankle or foot.  The problem is we drop the weight and then jump down onto it.  Or, someone else will drop THEIR weight and you'll jump down from the bar onto it.  

Please be absolutely sure your area is clear before you jump down from the bar.  Also, be sure you put your weight away to clear the area for others.


GPP Shaping vs. Conditioning Curls 

We get a lot of flack from folks who don't understand our conditioning style of biceps curl.  They always ask, "Why?!" 

The answer is - Because there is a lot more you can do with the biceps curl movement than to simply build ginormous arms.    


gppsyracuse 102813.jpg

GPP HQ was 3 months old before we saw this many folks at a class.  1st week free at GPP Syracuse.