Set a timer for 5 min.  Storm each of the following exercises individually.  Complete as many reps as you can within the time limit.  Rest 1 min between exercises.  Only OUTSTANDING reps may be counted. Exercises are:

front squats 45/65
OH DB press (strict) 15/20 ea.
box jumps
BB bent row 65/95

Post total reps completed for each exercise to comments.   


Your focus today is on completing reps with terrific form.  As you know, "form is as form does." 

Exercise form is haughtily debated between exercise "professionals."  Unfortunately, most of the debate is little more than peacocking.  It's usually just a couple of kids with newly minted certs arguing for the benefit of who knows more than the other.  Apparently, by ripping on each other, they suppose one of them will win. However, in our opinion, when two professionals engage in theoretical title seeking - nobody EVER wins.   

As you know, the purpose of exercise "form" is twofold. 

1. It is to maximize the safety of the participant. 
2.  It is ensure efficiency and effectiveness of the intended purpose of the exercise.   

A couple of thoughts on each of the above that might well be remembered by those spoken of above. 

1.  NO exercise is inherently safe.  You put yourself at risk every time you move your body.  That said, you put yourself at MORE risk by not. 

If the potential benefits of a movement are likely to outweigh the risks you should engage in it.  Know this: what is a generally safe movement for someone else, may NOT be safe for you; also, there might be no other way to find out if a movement is safe for you besides trying it.  Exercising is truly for the intrepid.   

2.  There are usually multiple ways of benefiting from same movements using different styles of it.  For example, the benefit you'd get from a strict OH press is different from the benefit you'd get from a jacked OH press.  These movements look similar, but have very different benefits.  Both benefits serve different purposes toward your overall health.  Both are appropriate for certain situations.  Both are inappropriate for certain situations.      

At GPP we reject the notion that there is only "one good way" to do ANY exercise.   

Do the exercises today using your best understanding and interpretations.   For a better understanding of today's purposes see below.   


How to get the most benefit from today's exercises:  

Front Squat -

Chin "up" and chest "high" will serve you better today.  Carry the bar upon your somewhat protracted shoulders in the "racked" position.  Do not carry it in your hands.  Squat with a more upright posture, sitting back through your heels throughout the movement.  Lift toes to remind yourself, if necessary.  Deeper squats engage more hamstrings and glutes.  This is desirable when you are able.   

OH DB Press

Without input from other sources along the kinetic chain (knees, hips, rib cage) press DBs from tips of shoulders to directly above your COG.  Lower under complete control.  Elbow placement is not regulated.    

Box Jumps -  

We get a lot of questions about what standards are for completing box jumps.  "Should we be extending our hips at the top?"  We don't care.  We find plenty of functional benefit in covering the distance between the ground and both feet planted firmly on the top of a 15" box.  

Others have had to regulate this movement more than we have had to.  The thing to know is, their concerns aren't necessarily about the functionality of the movement.  Theirs have more to do with how to regulate reps for scoring the "sport of exercise."  We instead, score our exercises by how it benefits (read: serves) us and the ones we love throughout the rigors and recreation of daily life.    

BB Bent Row -  

With a slight inward curve to the low back, hinge at the hips, bend knees slightly and grasp the bar with palms forward (away from you).  Pull the bar, driving the elbows past your body brushing your sides.  Touch it to your torso lightly at the lower part of your sternum.  Lower it all the way back to the ground.  Monkey motion is acceptable to a very small degree.  If you find yourself standing up during any part of the movement, you are doing it wrong.  Stay leaned over throughout.  

V - ups -

Lay flat on your back, hands extended above your head, back of your hands resting on the ground above you, legs straight and together.  Using great momentum, pivot onto your tailbone lifting your torso and legs into the air at the same time.  Rise up as high as flexibility allows.  Straighter legs is better.   

V-ups are one of our favorite movements for improving core strength.  The thing about V-ups is: you can do situps all day an never gain much improvement to your V-ups.  However, doing V-ups improves your ability to perform situps dramatically. 


GPPeeps using their fitness this weekend, clockwise from top L -

Jason rides  Green Pond Trail near Snowbasin Ut.; 
Kenzie finishes the Ogden Valley 50 as 3rd female overall, 1:20:00 faster than previous;
Tara/Candice/Amy hike Mueller park,
Bobbie finishes Iron Girl Vegas Tri in 3:04:59
Brad checks out Palazzina Naploeonica Dei Mulini - Elba Island