AMRAP in 30 min.

dippy birds R 25/35
5 dippy birds L 25/35 
10 KB biceps curls R 25/35
10 KB biceps curls L 25/35
20 side step KB swings 25/35
20 KB pushups
400 m run

Post rounds completed to comments.  


If you feel your grip going South today, consider putting the pushups between the dippy's and the swings.  Also, remember there is almost nothing you can do with a kettlebell that can't be done with a DB.  


You might have noticed the change in the number of dippys we are doing compared to last time.  If you check the last workout for your performance sound OFF! 

The thing to know is we did change the number of dippys recommended.  We went from 10 down to 5 per leg.  We remembered this workout last time we did it (even though it has been over a year).  Back then we noticed many of you really struggled with this move.  You especially struggled with the recommended weight.  We are still in love with this move, AND the weights recommended (only for those of you prepared).  We love the benefits to our posterior chain, core and nervous system it provides.  So we are keeping it.  But lets pull some reps off of it and see if it works better.   

If you find you are struggling with this move, don't be afraid to back the weight off a little, in order to keep your shoulders square and spine straight (slight inward curve) throughout. 


We are pushing your running mileage up a little this week.  In the spring and summer we usually run between 2-5 miles per week.  In the fall and winter we cut it back to 1-3, generally.  Although we decrease mileage in the fall (you simply can't run all year long - it's not healthy) there are weeks when it is appropriate to bounce it up a little.  This is one of those weeks.   

It has been about 6 weeks since we decreased your mileage. 

We've found that if we keep throwing some running at you, periodically (6-8 weeks) you'll keep a lot of the ability you've built throughout spring and summer.  Your body is cool that way. 


If you know someone who is a little older 45+ and they would like to experience the benefits of GPP training, but feel they need a little slower approach (for now), send them down tonight.   

GPP Masters age group starts at 7:15 pm.  Our expert professionals will help to scale workouts specifically for those who've been out of the game for a while.   



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"Should I workout, or entertain the grandkids?"  - Jan finds a way to do both.