Perform 2 rounds.

Complete 8 rounds of 20 seconds work followed by 10 seconds "rest" of:

pushups  - "rest" in the pushup start position (piking acceptable)
400m run
situps - "rest" with 6" leg hold
400m run
BTB squats - "rest" in the squat position 
400m run

Post reps completed for each exercise to comments.


We are very proud to announce the opening of GPP Syracuse today.  The GPP Syracuse project began 14+ months ago by owners Rob & Deawn Holt along side of Rob & Erin Flynn.  They are absolutely passionate about helping people to lead richer, fuller lives.  Each of them are bringing health and fitness to you from a place of absolute authenticity.  You will be amazed at their passion, experience, facilities and education.    

Opening week is FREE!  Click HERE for more location information and workout times.  Excited to be storming with our peeps in the Syracuse/Clearfield area!  Or, just drop by today to get sweaty!  Hope to see you soon.   


Our day of reckoning for the "Skin in the Game" Optimal Health Challenge is soon upon us.  We have less than 5 weeks (ends Nov 27) before finding out if we must "pay the piper," or dance to the sweet sound of success. 

Tonight is check-in night.  Weigh-ins start at 7:15pm.  We'd like to share some thoughts with you (15 min tops) before we get down to business so please plan on staying 45 min to an hour. 


455 W. 1700 S. Clearfield, Ut. (on Antelope Dr.)  Honk as you go by! 

455 W. 1700 S. Clearfield, Ut. (on Antelope Dr.)  Honk as you go by!