200 KB swings 25/35
100 situps


3 sets of each of the following: (Rest as needed between sets)

10 pullups
10 clean curls AHAP
10 SLS2S 15" target R
10 SLS2S 15" target L

Post weight of CC, type & strings of consecutive pullups performed, & thoughts on how you could make your SLS2S more effective (if possible) to comments.  


GPP has only 2 standards for the pullup movement. 

1 - Exerciser is to begin the move hanging unassisted from bar with arms straight.
2 - 1 Rep is completed once chin is elevated completely above bar unassisted.

Hand position, use of momentum and etc. are completely left to your discretion.  You may rest from the hang position.  Reps are counted until you fall off the bar.  

Chinups are VERY different.  To perform chinups you must:

1 - Grip the bar with palms facing you. 
2 - Begin at a "dead hang" (using no swing or momentum) from the bar with arms straight.
3 - Elevate the body with arms until chin is above the bar.
4 - Kicking motions with the legs are not permitted throughout any portion of the movement.
5 - Kipping or use of momentum is not permitted throughout any portion of the movement. 

You may rest from the hang position.  Reps are counted until you fall off the bar. 

Although the two movements look very similar, they have very different benefits.  Both are important to Optimal Health.

We generally use chinups when we are looking to strengthen certain aspects of your pulling regions.  

Pullups strengthen you too (albeit differently), but have the added benefits of improving flexibility, stamina, coordination, balance & accuracy.  


Clean Curl 101


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