20-15-10-5 reps of:

dead lifts BW (body weight)

Rest 5 min...Do it again! 

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Pay close attention to how your hands feel today.  Be extra CAREFUL about blisters and rips and such.  Any time we go over 50 reps of pullups, we increase the chances that you may rip a callous or blister.  

Blisters and rips (although VERY cool) are NOT badges of honor.  They are setbacks.  If you get a very bad rip in your hands, you will be out for the better part of a week waiting for your hands to heal enough to grip anything. 

Take preventative measures (today and EVERY day) to decrease your chances of getting a rip or blister. Here are some tips you may consider:

1.  Athletic taping helps. Cover all areas exposed to the bar.
2.  Chalk up. A good load of chalk will prevent your hands from becoming sweat-logged and hyper-grippy.
3.  The right kind of glove can help if you don't mind sissifying your workout a little.  I use them.  I know...I know. To get the right kind of glove we suggest summertime motocross gloves.  They are very tough, thin and well ventilated.  I cut the fingers off mine. 
4.  Pay VERY careful attention to your hands.  If you even begin to rip or feel a hot tingler...STOP!  Don't blast through it.  EVEN/ESPECIALLY if you only have a couple reps to go.  Those couple could cost you a week.    

Gymnasts, any other suggestions? 


The GPP Jumping Pullup

Progressions to a Chinup


Years ago, a former gymnast taught us this trick for using athletic tape to prevent rips.  It's slim enough not to get in your way and help you grip the bar, while still providing some protection.  Hope it helps.