AMRAP in 18 min:

15 burpees
60 box switches 15" (1+1=2)

Post rounds COMPLETED to comments.


When combined with your average weekly weight (7 daily weigh-ins added together, divided by 7), we feel circumference measurements (6 sites) gives you the most information for determining progress.  

How to: Circumference Measurements


If you wanted to be part of Optimal Health Challenge, you are still welcomed to join us.  

Please make sure we get your Email (send HERE) so that we can send you the video of today's orientation meeting.  It has all the instructions.  Sorry for those of you still waiting for us to send.  As of posting time (5 pm MST), it still has "320 minutes" before it is uploaded to YouTube.  It appears we shouldn't have filmed it in HD.  It has been uploading for more than 4 hours already.  We'll be sure to get it to you ASAP.   

To get up to speed with the rest of us, here are the instructions for tomorrow: 

1 - Hit the workout
2 - Begin BCD (We'll do this for 2 days, then it changes on Fri.)  Write to me if you have other needs (Large males, breast feeding mothers, etc.)
3 - You must post something you are grateful for to comments.  You may use a pseudonym to remain anonymous.  
4 - We highly suggest taking Circumference Measurements and a baseline weight (Janetha uses a scale that doesn't display a weight.  It just tells the changes over time.  If weighing yourself freaks you out, you might try this.  Also, there are other ways of gauging progress, so don't stress about a weigh-in.).

That should bring you up to speed.  The vid (a better explanation) will be up ASAP.  Soon as it is done, I'll send it to those who want to do the Challenge. 


"Says curvy fit, but still a size 6! Maybe 11th grade size? Or earlier?"  - Very proud of you WM!