Complete 8 rounds of 20 seconds "work" immediately followed by 10 seconds "rest" of each of the exercises below.  Rest 1 min between exercises.

pushups (strict)
Aussie pullups
squat to box jumps
lunge switches (counted 1+1=1)

Post total number of reps per exercise to comments.  


If you can't do pushups for the entire time, you must remain in the "UP" position (knees off the floor) for the remainder of the :20 sec.  


For those of you who heard there was a fire at GPP.  

Yep.  There was a fire.  It was on the roof.  

The fireman said, the gas pipes on the roof feeding the heating units, burst from the cold.  We are getting someone out to fix it ASAP.  Sorry, I didn't have presence of mind to ask the fireman to send me the pics he took.  (thanks to Jake et. al. at Zeponie Pizza - an amazing place to get Pizza - for calling 911 and averting a catastrophe!)

Still, you might want to dress a little warm in the morning.  We'll be having classes and OHC meeting as usual.  


"OZ" asked (in comments): "Is shovelling snow considered a workout?"  

Well, let's see.  According to, OUR type of snow probably weighs 10-12 lbs per cubic foot. 

My driveway is roughly 75' long by 20' wide.  So, in all I have 1500 sq/ft of driveway to shovel.  I also have roughly 300 ft of side walk.  At about 3 feet wide, I calculate this to be an additional 900 sq/ft.  

So that's about 2400 sq/ft of shovelling.  Multiply this by the 18" (low estimate) of snow we've gotten at my house in the last 36 hrs and I figure we've moved about:

36,000 lbs of snow, or around 18 tons!  

Let's compare that to today's workout.  Today, I did 11 rounds of burpees (88 total) and 200 KB swings.  I weigh 172 lbs.  That means I lifted 15,136 lbs of burpees and another 7000 lbs of KB swings.  

22,000 lbs of Hell's Bells, or around 11.068 tons!  

As shovelling snow works EVERY major muscle group across EVERY bioenergetic metabolic pathway, I'll go out on a limb and officially call snow shovelling - a workout! 


It's best not to run forward while looking backward inside of GPP HQ.  The poles will leave a mark.