Warm up:

800 m run
100 situps 

Complete 5 supersets of:

4 weighted chins AHAP
60 sec squat hold

Post weights used and time spent in squat to comments. 


Weighted pullups are dangerous!  Every time we do this movement someone messes up an ankle or foot.  The problem is we drop the weight and then jump down onto it.  Or, someone else will drop their weight and you'll jump down from the bar onto it.  

Please be absolutely sure your area is clear before you jump down from the bar.  Also, be sure you put your weight away to clear the area for others.  


Watch yourself in the mirror to be sure your squat holds are low enough.  The benefit from this movement happens below parallel today.  Remember, we did the upper part of your squat yesterday.  


Need a good pool workout to start you back after a long break from swimming? Here's a great one!


The Utah Dance Team is GPP!  Shown here doing "Lemon."