3 rounds - OTC

20 SLD R 15/20
20 uni bent row R 15/20
20 uni triceps kick backs 15/20
20 uni DB biceps curls (strict) R 15/20
20 tick tocks R 15/20
20 OH DB press R (strict) 15/20
repeat for L 

Workout to be completed without rest periods.
Post Rx or reps missed to comments.


Some of you Vets will breeze this workout today at the recommended weights given.  We suggest coming a little early and experimenting with higher weights to add more intensity to this workout if you are able.  While we are aiming at shaping and strengthening specific muscle groups today, we are also limiting rest.  This provides for a higher metabolic demand.  In other words, we want you breathing a little heavy.  Not "Spector" heavy, but to have your heart rate sittting on a 7 out of 10 would be perfect.  The effect this workout has on your core is substantial if you do this right and choose the right weight.  We love this unilateral stuff.  


Lindsey shows us how it's done with baby on board!