For time:

20 squats (air)
200m run
30 squats (air)
400 m run
40 squats (air)
800 m run
40 squats (air)
800 m run
30 squats (air)
400m run
20 squats (air)
200 m run

Post time to comments. 


From Lemon:

Come and do the legendary Bairgutsman trail with me and A.Lou tomorrow morning! 0800 at the church off mountain road in Fruit Heights, across from the city building. Can't miss it. Hopefully we don't get lost on the trail, it's happened before. Bring water, snacks, first aid kit, satellite phone, 2 sticks to bang together to scare away the snakes and wolves, and your inner Bear Grylls (sp?). If we're lucky it will only take 2 hours to find the top. Coming down's the fun part! This cured my plantar fasciaitis last year- its THAT steep. Everyone welcome!


Lil K!  I had no IDEA you were sporting all these bumps!  Strong work friend!