5 rounds on trainer's count:

20 sit & reach situps 6/8
20 V-twists 6/8
20 counts - stability planks
20 ea. stability sideups
20 ea. uni hip-ups 

Post rx or reps missed to comments.


New pics up - (please tag)


Summer is not over yet.  We still have bare chest and bikini weather ahead of us.  Let's finish this summer strong!  Don't miss our meeting on "Getting the Most Out of Rx+ Week!"  

The meeting will address all of the ways you can use a particularly rough week to get an amazing jump start to your health and fitness, or perhaps, just take your present fitness up a notch.  

We will be discussing what it is, how it works, logistics, recovery, nutrition, weight loss, hydration and how to keep soreness at bay (well, some of it).

Meeting is Thursday, Aug 9 at GPP @ 8:30pm.  It will last approx 1/2 hour.  Bring your questions.  We'll find answers.  We will try to find a way to record this.  We usually have audio issues, so no promises.  Otherwise, we'll put some Cliff's notes up on the site.


Had an interesting conversation with Curtis Jolley PT, MOMT from Performance West Physical Therapy today about our High Sumo movement.  Was lucky enough to get most of it recorded.  Curtis is one of the most Knowledgeable and capable rehab specialists I have ever met.  He is a true product of his product (health).  He GPPs with us daily and is a terrific runner.  He is one of the people I go to for sound physical advice and rehab.  Sorry the audio is a little dicey.