Run the Rack
 2x for each of the following: (rest 1 min between sets)

10 front squats
10 DB biceps curls (strict)
10 OH DB shoulder press (strict)
10 OH triceps ext.

Post highest weight of each run to comments.


Next week we Rx+ the week.  We've been hinting towards two-a-day workouts.  So that you can plan to work it into your schedule, here is how we are going to do it.  

Along with our regularly scheduled (read much harder and longer) workouts we are going to hold 2 extra off-site workouts daily.  These workouts will happen once in the morning (for the evening folks) and once in the eve (for the morning folks).  The exact times and locations will be announced as we get a little closer to the day.  The workouts are already planned and tested.  Good stuff!  

This will be an amazing jump start back to health.  They always are!  We are also going to be running a living social deal for those who have never been here before and would like to try us out.  It goes live next Monday the 13th.  Tell your friends!  


The following links are new records set for our "Wall of Pain."  Very inspiring!  Thank you for all your efforts.  If you would like to complete a record on our "Wall of Pain" please write to us to find out the standards.  We are getting these (standards) up on the site ASAP.  Also, if you plan to do one, make sure you record it!  Many records have been erased due to the fact they were not digitally recorded (couple of mine, too).  The records and standards for these exercises and their verifications need to be undisputable.  We think this will amplify the importance of movement standards across the spectrum of our workouts.  Very cool.  

If you do not have recording capabilities, we'll do all we can to help you.  

Female 1 mile 6:57 Kenzie Barlow
Female 500m Row 1:58 Kate Roberts
Female TGU 50lbs Kate Roberts
Female HSPU 10 Kenzie Barlow
Female pushups (strict) 33 Kate Roberts
Male DoubleUnders 141 Neil Anderson
Female Doubleunders 107 Kenzie Barlow
Female Pullups (kipping) 30 Chaney Packer
Female Squat Holds 3:11 Teresa Auva'a


Female 100 burpees for time 4:54 Katelyn Murdock