-10 Turkish get ups (R+L=1) with a challenging weight, then 
-Take 5 min to build up to your 5 rep max power clean.  


3 chinups (strict)
30 sec. rest (precisely)
3 power cleans (use 5 RM) 
30 sec. rest (precisely) 
30 sec. rest (precisely) 

Continue performing rounds of the above until rest periods exceed :30 sec.  Once you are forced to rest for longer than :30 seconds due to fatigue, your workout is over.  Post rounds + fractions completed to comments.  


3 sets of 10-30 sec ea - pirifomis and low back stretches


Heavy breathing on a Tuesday?  Well yes (sometimes we do), but more important is the form of each movement today.  

Slow down on your chinups today.  Because we normally recommend performing pullups with a kip, it is hard to slow them down when doing chinups.  Take a solid "one thousand ONE, one thousand two" count up and a three count down.  Palms face you.  Extend the arms all the way straight at the bottom.

Keep a hold of the bar for all three heavy power cleans.  Touch and go PCs will deliver more of the benefits we are after today.  It allows for less rest.  Resting in the middle of a set will take away from your 30 secs between exercises.  Dumping the bar is fine if you get into trouble with one of your lifts, but get right back into the next rep ASAP.

Make the commitment to get upside down today.  Many times we are rettisent to do these movements.  Somehow many of us think we are too old, or whatever else.  I assure you, you are not!  Even if you do pikes, getting upside down will do wonders for your strength and proprioception.  

Lastly - POST!  If you have ever drawn strength and/or motivation from someone else's numbers, you owe a duty to pay it forward.  If you are looking, you are drawing strength and/or motivation.  We deliberately keep the ability on the site for you to post represented by your pseudonym so that you'll have no reason not to.  We have learned that the efforts of our community are as important to each of our collective and individual successes as the programming and facilities are.  Maybe more so.  


Peeps gotta hug!