3 sets of 15 narrow med ball pushups
3 sets of 15 jump squats
3 sets of 15 v-ups 


5,4,3,2,1 reps per arm of:

uni power squat clean & jerk AHAP

Post max for each set per arm to comments.


Last week's Rx+ events were magic.  All weekend long I've tried to put into words what it meant to me to participate.  But, it isn't easy.  I'm not sure I've wrapped my mind around all of the ways that I saw improvement.  On a personal level, I experienced a lot of changes.  As I come to grips with these and figure out how to articulate what these changes mean to me, I'll do my best to post whichever thoughts might translate.  On a professional level, I am very proud.  Proud as hell that so many of you GOT it.  It was a sketchy proposition throwing out a challenge like two-a-days and a restrictive diet.  In almost any other community, this challenge would likely have been nothing more than a self-destructive free-for-all with little, if any, health gleaned from it.  

Not so with our community.  Last week I watched our community dig deep and find meaning where others only find frustration and pain.  It was inspiring watching everyone come away with a unique experience.  

We are convinced that Rx+ week strengthens your health the same ways vacations strengthen families.  Temporary positive focus on any specific aspect of your life yields gains across all others.   

Since I can't put it all into perspective yet, HERE is an amazing perspective on Janetha's blog.  Would love to hear yours if you feel inclined to share.  Please send to neil@gppfitness.com if you feel so inspired.  We have learned there is power in community.  When you learn & grow, we all do - if we know about it.  


Nothing inspires me as much as when a parent storms a workout with their child.  Nothing!  J. - 8 yrs old has got a VERY impressive kip coming along here.  He was on like, his 5th set of 5 reps before I caught him on camera!