3 rounds.  Not timed.  Try to string together all reps of each exercise - no break sets 

25 box jumps
5 pullups
25 OH DB strict press 15/20 ea.
5 pullups
25 back squats 45/65
5 pullups
25 OH triceps ext. 15/25
5 pullups
25 situps

Post # of break sets and where they occurred to comments. 


Rx+ Week photos up!  (please tag)

Week of 8/14/12 photos up!  (please tag) 


GPP is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Red Rock Relay!  We will be sponsoring the finish line at the Zion race Sept. 7-8.  We have a team entered in the event and Lizz and I are MC'ing at the finish line.  They tell us, we'll be able to say ANYTHING we want!  Gonna drop a bunch of GPP knowledge on them!  We could use some volunteers.  If you would like to come down and party with your GPPeeps that weekend, or if you have any questions, please contact neil@gppfitness.com.  These things are always a blast and it will be a cool opportunity to show our GPP community off a little.  


New OUTSIDERS Event planned!

Outsiders Bear Lake Weekend - October 26-28.    

These things are always a blast.  Only 30 spots available, so reserve yours ASAP.  It's a weekend of fun and fitness in deluxe accommodations.  Meals are provided and the community atmosphere is unmatched.  Hope you can make it.  Many more details to come.  Price $125 per person, which includes lodging, meals and activities!


Jamey & Kathleen huck a #25 down the line during our "Caterpillar" workout.  It wasn't too tough, but on top of the 3 other workouts we did that day, it was enough.  Just hope it didn't scare off the 4 new rookies who experienced this as their first GPP workout!