5-5-5-5-5 sets ea side of:

Single Arm Snatch AHAP

Post weights per set to comments.

Complete 200 double-unders

Post longest streak to comments.


To get the most out of those SASs today, consider using a KB.  It takes significantly more power to throw a KB from the floor to above your head without a stop in between compared to a DB or BB.  Training your power is precisely what SASs are all about.  DBs & BBs certainly are sufficient for training power, but KBs reign supreme.  


One of the most important things we talked about in the Rx+ meeting last night was how to take care of your body next week.  We suggest holding the volume of the work prescribed next week as close to 100% as you feel is safe for you.  Base this on your experience and fitness levels.  In other words, try and keep the reps, rounds and sets to pretty much what is written.  However, it may be wise for most of you to back off the intensity of next week's events by 30% or more.  

Intensity represents the weight used, speed of movements and frequency of rest during work you perform in a workout.  Which ones should you back off of?  We suggest ALL.  Take 30% right off the top.  

As the week progresses, you may choose to add some of this back (lift more weight, increase your speed of movement, take less rest) if you find you are recovering well enough.  But, you may also need to back it off even more if you find you aren't.  The thing to know is, once the damage from a workout you stormed too hard sets in, it cannot be easily undone.  It's best not to overdo from the beginning.  

Last time we did a HELLth week, it was our intention to get you a bit sore right off the bat.  Remember?  It was part and parcel to the overall effect we were striving for.  This time is different.  The volume of exercise alone from next week's workouts are sufficient to satisfy our intentions for this Rx+ week.  You should try hard not to let yourself become so significantly sore that you would not be able to give each workout your best effort.  


Note to self: Don't mess with Jana.