This workout is done in 3 parts.

Part 1 - (stationary hops)

2 min lateral hops R
30 sec rest
2 min lateral hops L
30 sec rest
2 min plate switches

Part 2 - ("Rough Boy" squats)

30 sec squat
30 sec squat hold
1 min squat
1 min squat hold
2 min squat
2 min squat hold

Part 3 - (run throughs) 15 meter sprints with no less than 8 obstacles.  Each of the following will be done for 6 passes.

high knee turnaround sprints
front hops 
karaoke (grapevines)
side hops R
high knee turnaround sprints
side hops L
squat jumps
plate hop burpees
rolling pushups
high knee sprints

Post thoughts to comments.  


Today is a special day at GPP.  It is our Birthday.  2 years ago today we all came together to create (live? endure? suffer through?) a concept of health unmatched in its effectiveness and efficiency.  It's only been 2 short years, but I think it is safe to say, "We are getting it done!"  Need proof?  Ha!  Look around!  

A community effort like this one deserves a party and a kick butt workout!  Let's do both.  All day today we will have refreshments (healthy, of course), prizes, giveaways and more.  We'll also be doing one of our oldest workouts.  Seriously, we created it in 1999.  Some of you were there!  Please come celebrate with us.  It'd be great to see you.      

Bringing this down a notch ... Thank you.  For your confidence, for your courage, for your determination, for your patience, your perseverance and your excellence - just, thank you.  It is truly an honor to storm it with you daily.


Day 1 - A cool memory I have of that day was the (almost) overpowering stench of bleach.  The day before we moved in, a bunch of us gathered to try and clean the place.  Prior to us, it was a video store.  They sold popcorn, apparently in the same exact spot, for over 20 years.  We are guessing that they had a tradition for serving butter on their popcorn.  It looked to us like, for every 2 or 3 squirts of butter that went on corn, 1 squirt was issued to the carpet Gods.  Maybe for luck?  I don't remember if it was Dave's or Court's idea to get bleach and go at it, but it worked.  No, the stain didn't come ALL the way up, but at least, it wasn't slippery anymore.  Good times.