3 sets of 10 OTC T2T pushups (strict)

Rest only 30 seconds between each set.  


5 rounds for time:

10 deadlifts 95/135
10 inchworms
10 pullups


100 situps for time

Post times for 5 rounds of work and situps to comments.


For the next little while (4-6 weeks) we will be working on our pushups.  Our strict pushups.  Snaking pushups are great for the way we use them.  They contribute to our global strength and stamina.  But, for the specific strengthening of our anterior shoulder girdle, nothing beats strict pushups.  

Goal = to see how many pushups (strict) you can do in one go after 1 month.  

To do this right you are going to need a handle on how many you can do to start with.  So here are the rules.  

1.  Pushups must be done T2T.  So, starting from the plank position on your hands with elbows extended and locked.  If you stop the motion it must be done in this position.  You may rest all you like in this position.    

2.  Pushups only count if the upper chest comes in contact with the floor.  This contact must last less than 1 second.

3.  You must fully extend the arms and protract the shoulder blades slightly at the top of the pushup.

4.  If any other part of your body besides your upper chest region comes in contact with the floor it is a "no rep."

To get the most out of this exercise, you might want to have a trainer or Peep with veteran status to assist you in counting reps.  It also helps to film your attempts.  

For those of you who cannot perform 1 strict pushup, begin with half reps from your toes.  Soon, move to 3/4 reps and so, on.   Please post max reps in 1 go to comments.  Keep us up to speed with your progress.

Good luck!


Perfection!  (Ashley, at the 1 year after baby mark!)