Warm up - 

800m run


5 sets of:
5 shoulders to OH AHAP + 15 steps (frontward and backwards) OH carry

5 sets of:
5 deadlifts AHAP + 15 steps (frontward & backwards) above knee carry 

Post highest weight achieved per set to comments.


New pics up!  (please tag)


I've been promising a bunch of folks following us online that I would start defining our lingo and terms.  Sorry I haven't gotten to this yet.  Mostly it is because I can't think of them all.  I need some help.  

Over the next couple of days, if you think of some terminology, acronyms, lingo and etc. that we use down here or online at GPP could you please post them to comments?  Thanks in advance.  

For those online wondering about today's stuff:

AHAP - As Heavy As Possible
OH - Over Head
RTFS - Read The Frickin Site.  It's just a suggestion.  But, you're right.  I really need to condense terminology into a couple of pages.  


In order to get the most out of this fitness thing we do at GPP, it is important to keep some perspective on it all.  Loved this article.  -NA

Shut Up, Because Your Body is an Instrument, Not an Ornament - Dr. Maria Rago


GPP is closed Wednesday July 4th in observance of Independence Day!  Have a great holiday!


So proud of Sam (pictured), Krissy & Chenelle.  You've stormed workouts with all of them.  Sam has been with us for years.  They're just finishing up a tour of India where they spent the last 21 days with the Rising Star Outreach program visiting and serving people who are dealing with the daily realities of leprosy.  Yes, it still exists. Click their names above to check in with our peeps.