Complete 5 rounds:

front squats AHAP
20 plyometric box jumps (begins & ends on top of box)
20 double unders

Post weights used and consecutive box jumps & DU's to comments.


NOTICE we are making changes to the schedule for the State Holiday (Pioneer Days) tomorrow.

Workouts to be held are:

0500, 0545, 0630, 0715, 0800, 0845 and noon!  

Please note we are cancelling the 0930 and ALL the evening workouts.  Have a happy holiday all!  


Ready for another HELLth week?  We are too.  Start getting ready for a killer week to jump start your fitness (maybe just shake off the summer bleh) coming up on the week of Aug 13th.  This one will be SPECIAL!  

Extra special!  Details to come.  

Start gearing up, because not only will the workouts be harder and longer than normal, they will also be more numerous!  This time, we have worked out a nutrition program that we can all do together.  The t-shirt is awesome and ONLY available to those complete RX+ week.  It's cool.  There will be prizes, events and etc.  


Chelsea!  HOLY CRAP!