Every Minute on the Minute for 5 minutes:
10 thrusters 45/65

EMOM for 5 min: 
15 pushups (strict)

EMOM for 5 min: 
10 side lateral raises 10/15 ea.

EMOM for 5 min:
15 hanging K2S 

EMOM for 5 min:
12 BB biceps curls (strict) 45/65

Post any reps missed to comments.
Limit rest between exercises.   


I was asked the other day why I GPP.  I gave a very stupid answer.  I've felt "off" about it ever since.  I realize that the guy who asked me the question was really only making conversation.  I also realize that if I'd have given a thoughtful, profound answer he'd have probably blown it off as an iconoclastic rant.  Even so, it struck me that I have never attempted to sit down and thoughtfully (a VERY subjective term) write out my own credo on health.  Now I have.  It took me 10 days.  I'm not sure I'm completely happy with it, but it'll do as a start.

This credo encompases all my personal philosophies of living well.  It covers all of my thoughts on being a better person, friend, son, husband, father, citizen, etc.  It is broad enough to encapsulate my feelings on all the different aspects of health that I believe in (spiritual, emotional, mental, social, financial, physical), yet short enough to have impact on my thoughts. 

I offer it to you as food for thought with a challenge for you to create your own.  When you do, please share it.  There are reasons we all participate in our own being.  There are reasons that Chaney would complete 30 pullups on her 30th birthday.  There are reasons Kenzie would run 30 miles on her 30th.  Sometimes finding a reason, then articulating it formally will help cement it.  I look forward to your thoughts.

My Credo:   

You only have one body.  You can choose to live in it or continue to die in it.  If you decide to live in it, I say LIVE WELL.  Do all you ever dreamed of without being limited by failures of self.  


30 on her 30th!  Congratulations Kenzie!  An amazing accomplishement.