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pushups (strict)

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It is a short workout today. It will be tempting to do more than is programmed today.  We encourage against this.  Pour your heart and soul into this workout and really gas it (rookies ignore).  Complete each rep as perfectly as you understand it.  Pour on the intensity and then sit back and reap the benefits. 

With pushups, try hard not to let any other part of your body touch the floor but your chest.  Be sure to get your arms all the way straight at the top of each movement.  Over-emphasize the pullups by pulling your chest to the bar.   

Try hard to find benefit in the short stuff.  It is there.  It just may not be as apparent as with the heavy breathers.  TYT!


Love this.  Very inspiring.  Chaney told us she was going to do this several months ago.  Said she was going to "practice" until she was sure she'd get them.  Funny thing is, I have no doubt she could have done them several months ago when she made the goal.  Girlfriend is fit.  

The thing to know here is, she did this within minutes of a pretty gnarly workout.  OTC - '12 is NO JOKE.  To stack this on top of a rare 40 min GPP grinder is FRICKIN awesome!  

Congrats on the awesome achievement!  +1 next year?

Chaney does 30 on her 30th!