On Trainer's Count -Complete 6 rounds of each triplet.  Each triplet is done individually. 

12 back squats 45/65
12 biceps curls 45/65
12 OH BB press (strict) 45/65
30 sec rest


12 straight leg deads 45/65
12 skull crushers 45/65
12 v-ups (slowly 3-0-3-0)
30 sec rest

Post Rx or completed reps to comments.


The following is a VERY long way of saying, "Sorry for repeating this workout so often this year."  Along with a brief explanation as to why this is.  If you are not bugged by doing this workout again, just might want to skip ahead to the pics.  -N

Earlier today I told a Peep that we were doing this workout today.  I almost NEVER tell folks what we are doing the next day.  It can mess with our system for programming.  And I know myself.  I am usually so eager to please you that it can be very hard for me to overlook your preferences in a workout.  Then, after I inevitably do muscle through my initial desire to please you and post a different workout than you may wish (only because it accomplishes our combined purposes), I usually feel bad for not doing what you asked.  Therefore it is easier to simply not bring up the subject of programming.  And this works very well most of the time.  

The funny thing that happened today, is when I told my friend (Peep) we were doing OTC - '12 tomorrow, she groaned.  

"I HATE that one.  We do it all the time.  I'm sick of it."  

My immediate reaction was to rethink and go back to the drawing board to revamp.  Before I did that though, I ran a search on the site to see when the last time we did this workout was (Did you know YOU can do that?  You can even search your posts.  It's cool.  You should mess with it.).  

The last time we did this workout was over 6 weeks ago.  In 7 months we have only done this workout 3 times.  Yep 3 (once was NYE - not sure that even counts since only a handful of us even did it).  Today makes our 4th.  

This made me chuckle.  I remember a time, not so long ago, when I was doing 3 of the same workouts (for myself and my clients) EVERY WEEK.  I would do this in 6-12 week cycles.  After 6-12 weeks, I would change the workout slightly and then do another cycle of it.  Back then I considered myself to be UBER progressive to have been changing workouts so often.  My friends and mentors wouldn't change workouts, but once every 6-12 months!  That I was changing workouts so often (I thought) classified me as a true rogue.  A maverick even!  

Ha ha.  

Putting GPP (our type of fitness) on you is a very deliberate thing.  The three of us (Meg, Lizz & I) put a ton of effort into trying to get this right.  There are times when we can fudge with it a little.  But, for the most part, each day has a specific purpose and function designed to help you achieve optimal health within our edict of minimalism.  This has to be done with balance and consistency.  Unfortunately, this sometimes demands that we run a workout 6 or 7 times within the same year!  We hope you'll forgive us for this and accept, as a trade-off for the monotony, some pretty impressive physicality and health.  :) 


New pics up!  (please tag)


What's Your Excuse?


I can't figure out which is more lumpy - that wall, or HER BACK!  Nice Janetha!