500m row
3 sets of 25 reps goblet squats 15/20



overhead squat AHAP

Rest as needed.  We recommend 3-5 minutes between each set.
Post weights for each set to comments. 


Russ.  Thank you for sharing this with us.  It IS news and we could NEVER hear it too much.  Things like this inspire us to go beyond what we previously thought was possible.  We're grateful to be a part of your success. -N. 

From FB

"Hi Neil. I am certain that you hear this time and time again. It probably isn't news, but I did want you to know my story. I completed my third Ragnar this past weekend. I was runner 10, which included a 3.8 mile run, a 7.5 miler, and then the 4 mile Ragnar hill which includes 1,800 vertical feet of climbing. I'll be honest - I didn't really train for it. My calendar shows I have run 12 times since the beginning of the year. So basically a little more than twice per month. Ha ha. The longest run was 4.5 miles, the majority were exactly 3, one was on a treadmill and another was 2 miles. However, I have done 75 GPP Fit workouts in that same time period. So here is what went down. The 3.8 miler was a non-event. No speed records, but just went out and did it. 8:25 miles. Then the 7.5 mile run in the middle of the night. As the run progressed I seemed to feel stronger and stronger. I finished easily, doing 9:30 miles. This is important as the last time I ran over 4.5 miles was last year's Ragnar when I ran 7. The walk/hike up Ragnar hill was tough, but then again I haven't actually ever run a hill in training. I finished in about an hour, which is not world record, but it certainly is mid-pack among those who actually trained. Now the big deal. My first Ragnar, prior to GPP, was memorable by the fact I was immobile and in pain for several days post race. I was miserable. This year- granted I did the ice bath protocol - I had virtually no soreness or discomfort. I am tired, but my legs feel great. I've been more sore after thrustorama than after ragnar. Another testament of your methods. Thanks. RL"


Can't believe I didn't know about this earlier.  Our own TJ Allred (holding the trophy - YES, the same guy storming the workout next to you at noon today) was part of BYU's National Championship Rugby team this year!  You are an amazing inspiration.  Congratulations TJ!