Warm up - 

25 inchworms
50 tap down crunches 

Workout - Complete 4 "supersets" of each. 

5 bent rows AHAP
20 band rows (slow) M/H

Punch out - 

3 sets of 30 sec. ea. piriformis & low back stretches

Post weights used for bent rows to comments.  


Any time we go over 50 pullups, we get rips.  Lots of them.  All day long.  While this is cool and all, it can be bad news for your fitness.  Makes it rough to get back to work while you are waiting for those hands to recover.  Plus, it is STUPID painful.  

Ways to avoid rips: 

1.  Wear gloves.  "But Neil, gloves make it harder to grip the bar.  Plus, it is super girly!"  Yep.  I know. 

2.  Tape your hands.  

3.  Listen to your body.  Any time you see more than 50 pullups in a workout, it behooves you to really start to pay attention to those hands once you go past the 50 rep mark.   That niggling little burn you feel on the second to the last set of pullups is telling you something.  

I know you want to finish your workout.  I know you want that Rx.  But, sometimes one'll get you five!  Know what I mean?  

How do you prevent hand rips?  Please share to comments.  

Aftermath of EOPU.