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5k (3.2 mi.) run

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This is it!  If you have made it this far you have done too much to stop now.  You MUST finish this 5k.  We don't care if you run it, jog it, walk it, or crawl it.  All of it counts.  

Do this workout from home if you must.  If you'd like to storm this final workout with the GPP community, we are having regular class times tomorrow.  We'll go 3 times around the block and then out to the stop sign and back.  All in all it will come out to 3.25k.  


It has been an amazing week.  Hard.  My HELLth hard.  But worth it, I think.  Worth it on many levels.  

To sit back and take it all in is pretty rough to do right now. Mostly because it isn't over yet.  But there are a couple of things that need mentioning.  

First, GPP threw down its worst at you this week.  We conspired to come up with a week that wouldn't just be unfinishable ... we tried to make it UNFATHOMABLE.  6 days of absolute and unapologetic, soul crushing workouts were launched at you in ways that were programmed to hurt at the highest level.  You saw that after Monday.  To stack onto you the kind of week we did AFTER the soreness of the sprint workout was just - there's no other word - UNFAIR. But you did it.  We told you it would hurt bad.  We warned you not to go through with it.  We said it would more than evil.  But you still did it.  And that says a lot about you and your character and about the caliber of people we are amongst. 

The stories of bravery, tolerance, kindness, determination and guts that came out of this week will last a very long time. We also witnessed acts of community and selflessness that went above and beyond.  It was very fun and inspiring.  I mean, it wasn't like we all went to war together, but this week might count as only being a couple rungs down the ladder.  Know what I mean?  Too much?  Maybe.    

Secondly, There were two camps that most of us landed in this week.  There should have only been one.  It is the camp where everyone succeeded.  Because you did.  It didn't matter if you couldn't complete all the rounds, reps, weights, or even the workouts.  Those of us who tried to complete all of this week succeeded in the trying alone.  Those who didn't try and did enough to stimulate optimum health also succeeded.  Optimal health has many forms. The only ones who lost out were those who didn't try at all.  Hopefully their day will be soon.  

The other camp belonged to the folks who were down on themselves for a perceived "poor" performance this week. This is admirable.  God bless you.  But, please try to find some success in this.  It is there.  In spades.  Remember, this week was unfinishable by design.  I know there were those who Rx'd this week.  And perhaps you will the next one.  Or maybe you'll just do better by your definition of "better."  But remember the purpose of this week.  We did it to learn to push our limits.  We did it to discover and patch weaknesses.  We did it to prove to ourselves that we really are more capable than we typically credit ourselves for. Also remember, not all of these pursuits I mentioned were exclusively physical in nature.  Maybe "getting over it" is the weakness you were meant to "discover and patch?"

We have generated a lot of momentum this week.  This momentum can carry.  If you have further health, fitness and improved appearance to pursue and would like a support group and further accountability to keep you on track, please consider joining us for our 5th Crash Course Challenge (CCC).  Orientation is tomorrow at 8am.  We will be recording and posting as much of the meeting as YouTube will allow for those who have to miss it.  It is a points challenge this year.  Person with the most points at the end of the challenge wins $500.  2nd place wins $250.  Buy in is $75.  Oh yes ... you must have some skin in the game.  For more info and to sign up, click HERE.


OK, it looks like you're going to make it.  Time to pay for that "HELLth Week"shirt if you still want it.  11.00 plus tax. Comes out to like .73 extra.  Meg and Damon are going to start working on them Monday.  We can't order or print till they are paid.  Thanks.  


Terry sporting our motto this week.  My fav Lisbeth Darsh quote.