Warmup - run 800 m

Performed on a 50m field with turnarounds every 10m

ladder sprint (5 point turn around)
10 burpees per baseline touch

side shuffle sprint (5 point turn around)
20 chair dips per baseline touch

bear crawl ladder (5 point turn around)
20 pushups (strict) per baseline touch

crab crawl ladder (50 point turn around)
35 situps per baseline touch 

Post time of each ladder combo to comments.


We will be conducting only 1 workout today.  Meet at GPP at 8am.  Workout is conducted off-site.

Bring your own timing device (cell phone, watch) to the workout today.

You may also consider H2O.


For the record, I have never thought the reason for America's obesity epidemic lies solely with a lack of exercise and poor food choices.  I've always thought the poor food choices and lack of exercise were the results of other lifestyle factors which are not as well understood.  

Louis N. says it best.

"It's not about what you're eating.  It is more about what's eating you."  

This is a great article.  "Let Us Eat Cake: The Paradox of Scarcity" by Wray Herbert


This is Jeanene.  She just had a baby.  She's down over 40 lbs. in 4 months.  Congratulations Jeanene!  Yours is an outstanding effort indeed.