200m run
15 burpees
15 x 10 m starts & stops


5 sets of each.

5 deadlifts AHAP
5 chinups

Finish with 3 sets of 30 sec. ea. low back and piriformis stretches.

Post loads of DLs and strings of pullups to comments. 


4 years ago, the world started getting into bare foot running (OK, fine, bare foot running was in for thousands of years - you knew what I meant).  The theory was that running in the way nature intended would make much of what ails you in life/running go away.  Feet were supposed to become stronger.  Arches were supposed to become more pronounced and functional.  And ankles, knees, hips and backs were supposed to become pain free and without injury. 

Only thing is, it didn't really work - for most of us. 

A couple people found comfort and solace in bare foot running.  The rest of us wound up with decr fitness, incr injuries and a cool looking pair of glove like shoes that weren't really practical outside of lifting workouts and maybe a long river rafting trip. 

Now the pendulum has swung the other way.  MORE padding is the new craze.  It is catching on like wildfire.  I think this trend has legs.  Nicely cushioned legs. 

Would like to hear more from you.  Do you use this type of shoe?  Why?  Did you try the bare foot thing?  Compare.